Marketing support

Alongside helping you stock an extensive range of high-quality schoolwear, here at Trutex we are also able to provide you with marketing support to promote and market your school uniform shop.


Competition in the school uniform market is fierce and the right marketing can help your business stand out - or for a uniform shop within a school, can help educate parents about your range and how they can buy.


Our experienced team works with our clients to develop appropriate and cost-effective marketing materials to encourage greater brand awareness and more sales for your school uniform shop. We can supply promotional materials such as flyers or point of sale, provide adverts for press and local media or share mailers to target new customers.


Here you'll find a range of resources you can access here including  our logos, brand guidelines and latest images. Point of sale can also be ordered on the website by browsing the POS catagory.

For help accessing these marketing materials or getting personalised support for your promotional activities, get in touch with our team on 01200 421202