Design services 

Our design specialists here at Trutex are on hand to help you choose the right uniform for your school, whether that’s adding badging to our off-the-shelf products or designing a completely bespoke uniform.


The process starts with an initial design consultation, where you’ll work with a member of our team to understand your school’s needs, history, principles and uniform requirements. Working together, we’ll create design boards with different school uniform options and send you samples to provide you with a better understanding of what the final uniform will look like.

We’ll discuss with you some of the unique services that Trutex provides that can enhance your school uniform. We offer an embroidery and badging service where you can choose from stitched, laser cut or heat transferred badging for different garments, ensuring that every piece of school uniform has your school’s logo or crest at its heart.


Our customisation options are almost limitless and we’re able to source a wide variety of materials to ensure your school uniform is completely unique. From fabric patterns and colours to linings, trims and even buttons, we can help you put together a bespoke uniform which represents your school in the best possible way.


Throughout the design process, we’ll be sharing our expertise with you, offering advice on what makes a great school uniform, the best method for selling the uniform to parents and even how to ensure your uniform rules are adhered to. With our comprehensive range of products, in-house experts and over 150 years of experience, Trutex makes an excellent partner if you’re considering introducing a new school uniform to your institution.

To organise your initial design consultation, call us on 01200 421213 and we’ll be happy to help.