Made to last

At Trutex, we pride ourselves on supplying school uniforms that are made to last. At every step of the process, from design to delivery, we make choices based on quality, longevity and sustainability - while still being kind to your budget.


Quality Materials

When sourcing fabrics, we select high quality, durable fabrics that are specifically suited to each of our school uniform products. For example, our trousers are made using Teflon Eco-Elite® stain resistant fabric, making it harder for marks and stains to take hold, while our sweatshirts are constructed from low bobble material meaning they look great wash after wash. For all our garments, we always consider the colour fastness of a fabric, how easy it is to launder, and whether it will be able to stand up to the rigours of daily life at school.

We design our garments to ensure every child looks smart and feels comfortable, whatever their age, size or gender.

We offer many of our garments in multiple styles to suit every school’s requirements, such as tartan pleated school skirts for traditional institutions and fitted pencil skirts for schools with a business casual uniform.

Each item is designed so that it fits each student appropriately, including specific tailoring for senior girls’ skirts, trousers and blouses and unisex options for children of all ages.

Superior design and manufacture

Every one of our garments is made to an extremely high standard, using only trusted manufacturers with whom we have strong relationships. The level of detail in a Trutex uniform is what makes it stand out, with additional features that help the uniform look great and last longer. This might include strengthened seams on shirts, heat-pressed pleats on trousers, hidden waist adjusters or elasticated collars and cuffs.


And we test all our garments rigorously, ensuring each one of them is of a professional quality that stands the test of time. Our quality control checks are comprehensive, resulting in school uniforms that perform incredibly well: just take a look at our boys school trousers, which are 100% stronger than competitors.


A Trutex uniform is a uniform that’s made to last, making it better for your pocket and better for the planet.