Carbon neutral

We are the world’s first carbon neutral specialist schoolwear provider. We’ve been committed to nurturing the future for the whole of our 150-year history, with our move to being carbon neutral one of our latest endeavours.


To become carbon neutral, first we were audited by The Carbon Footprint Limited in line with the Greenhouse Gas protocol and ISO14064. Our energy use across our office, business travel and goods delivery was monitored for a year, allowing us to see where we had opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and offset existing emissions.

We’ve started our off-setting by investing in a Verified Carbon Standard project, the Liaoning Landfill Gas Project in China. This innovative project turns gases that are produced from the waste in landfill sites into usable energy, rather than allowing them into the atmosphere to contribute to the ‘greenhouse effect’ - in turn improving the local area and creating jobs.

Each year we udertake an extensive audit which caculates our carbon usage in the previous year. We always look at ways we can reduce carbon usage. Once the audit is verified, we offset these carbon emmissions through projects around the world.

Becoming carbon neutral is just one of the ways in which we are nurturing the future - and it doesn’t end there. Each year we’ll look at how we can further reduce our carbon footprint and increase our environmental credentials through our choice of materials, manufacturing, and undertaking a comprehensive set of CSR actions.

We supply high quality school uniforms that are made to last, and that means ensuring our world is made to last too.