Support for schools

We pride ourselves on the services we’re able to provide our wholesale customers, from five day turnaround for badging or embroidery to providing the flyers, point of sale and advertising needed to promote your school uniform shop.


We are also able to support our school customers through our bespoke service; a comprehensive service encompassing design, manufacture and supply of a school uniform unique to your school and reflecting its ethos and values. We’re able to partner with you at each stage on this journey to ensure your school has a uniform that’s professional, cost-effective and appropriate for your students.


A crucial stage of this process is how parents can buy your bespoke or customised school uniform. We offer three ways of working together to supply school uniform, and our dedicated team will be able to advise you on which is the best choice for your needs.

If you need to supply your school uniform all year round but don’t necessarily have the capacity to do that at your school, we can recommend an independent retailer. We have an extensive retail network of independent school uniform shops across the UK who are able to supply your school uniform to parents, bringing with them the fitting expertise needed to ensure every child looks smart at school.


If you’re keen to have your own on-site school uniform shop, we’ll advise you on how to do this in an effective, efficient way. From what stock to hold and when, to pricing, point of sale and even promoting the shop to parents at the right time, our team are well-versed in how to run a school uniform shop in ways that benefit parents and your school.

Finally, if you’re looking to make ordering your uniform easy but want to ensure parents feel fully supported, we can create a partnership between you and one of our trusted, local Trutex stockists. This school uniform retailer will stock your uniform all year round, meaning students can try before they buy - and we’ll also help you with an online and mail order option for parents, who can purchase online and have items delivered directly. It’s the best of both worlds and ideal for schools with students from all over the country.

Our customer assistants are on hand to discuss your needs and which of these options would be best for you - get in touch on 01200 421213 or speak to them via the live chat function here on our website.