Re-vive Recyled

As an innovative company, at Trutex we are always looking for new ways to enhance our school uniform so it’s as practical, professional and sustainable as possible. That’s why we developed Re-vive, a unique 100% recycled fabric that we use in our school blazers, trousers and skirts.


Developing our Re-vive fabric, we worked with a specialist recycling partner to create this fabric that would be better for the environment while still being hard-wearing. It’s made from certified 100% recycled post-consumer polyester yarns from plastic bottles, with each blazer using 36 plastic bottles in its manufacture. Trousers and skirts save each on average 19 plastic bottles from landfill.

Plastic bottles are put into bales, flaked and then de-polymerised before being re-polymerised to make recycled chips. These chips can be used for a wide variety of recycled polyester products; the chips for our fabric are melted down then extruded to form a fine polyester yarn, then woven into a durable fabric. The result is a material that’s just as able to withstand the rigours of daily life but with the added benefit of helping us nurture the future of our planet.


The blazer is a key part of any school uniform. With a Trutex blazer, you can be sure of high quality design with professional tailoring details that create a smart, stylish look. We offer blazers in a number of traditional or contemporary designs, with space for badging or embroidery to ensure the school’s logo takes pride of place.

Click on the link here to download a PDF showing more infromation about how our Re-vive Recycled materials are made.