Start 2023 with quality school uniform

From sudden growth spurts to damaged or lost clothing, it can be difficult to keep track of and maintain your children’s uniforms during the middle of a school term.

Now the first term of the academic year has finished. So as we enter a new year and spring term, it’s the perfect time to think about what uniform your children need for the year ahead.

Looking for quality long-lasting school uniforms? Trutex is here to help.

At Trutex, we pride ourselves on providing school uniforms that are made to last – it’s at the heart of everything we do. And we believe Trutex uniforms should be grown out of and not worn out, providing more sustainable clothing and better value for parents.

Our uniforms are consistent in colour, care and construction, designed to last, and are often passed to siblings or sold through second-hand uniform shops. This simple approach to sustainability means Trutex uniform can survive many years – and many owners.


Protective winter wear

Winter weather can test the durability of school clothes. It’s easy for children to fall over more often if it’s icy or slippery, testing knees in trousers, while rainy weather might leak through shoes if they’re not waterproof enough.

To make sure our uniforms stand the test of time, we test each of our garments rigorously. Our comprehensive quality control checks give you a school uniform that performs incredibly well for your child – in fact, our boys school trousers are 100% stronger than our competitors’, according to independent tests.

As the first few months of the year are likely to be cold and wet, it’s essential to make sure your children have plenty of long-sleeved shirts, jumpers and cardigans to keep them warm. Fingers and toes on little ones can get cold really quickly too. So make sure your they have hats, gloves and thick socks or tights to keep them cosy. Our range of Start-Rite Shoes have an extra-sturdy construction to keep small feet dry and protected throughout winter.


Fabric that performs

Using the right fabric is key to giving our school uniforms longevity. We choose only the most high-quality, durable materials – and tailor them to each of our products. For all our uniform items, we always look for the colour fastness of a fabric, how easy it is to wash, and whether it can stand up to the daily demands of school life.

That’s why our trousers are made using Teflon Eco-Elite® stain resistant fabric, making it harder for marks and stains to set in, while our sweatshirts are made from low-bobble material, meaning they stay smart even after many wears and washes.


Carefully constructed

We put a lot of detail into our uniforms to make sure they’re made to the best possible standards. Some of these innovative features include:

  • Strengthened seams on shirts
  • Heat-pressed pleats on trousers
  • Hidden waist adjusters
  • Elasticated collars and cuffs

Then we test our garments rigorously to imitate real school life. So our blazers are made to withstand carrying heavy backpacks, while our trousers are super strong in the knees.


A proper fit

Not only do we want our uniforms to last, but we want to make sure every child feels comfortable and looks smart when wearing them, whatever their age, size or gender.

All our garments are designed to fit students correctly, including specific tailoring for senior girls’ skirts, trousers and blouses, and unisex options for children of all ages. Because when an item of clothing fits properly, it lasts longer.

We provide handy size guides for all your school uniform needs, so if you’re unsure about your growing child’s size for any item, just visit our size guide page. There’s even an easy print-at-home measuring tape in case you don’t have one.

We also have our sizer app, My Size ID, which is a simple and quick way to calculate what size you need to buy using only two measurements – your child’s height and weight. So, why wait any longer?

Make 2023 the year to invest in quality uniform for your children.