GET ACTIVE! Fun things to make & do

Get Active this Summer with the Trutex Activity Pack!

With a summer of sport ahead, it's the perfect time to inspire both body and mind with the Trutex Activity Pack. Packed with a variety of engaging activities, this pack is designed to keep students in key stages 1 and 2 entertained and active throughout the summer break.

Euro-Inspired Competition: Kick off the fun with a Euro-inspired competition that will get everyone excited about the thrill of sports. Whether it's predicting match outcomes or creating your own mini-tournament, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Olympics-Themed "Name the Sports" Game: Test your knowledge and challenge your friends with our Olympics-themed "Name the Sports" game. From swimming to gymnastics, see how many sports you can correctly identify and learn some interesting facts along the way.

Tasty and Healthy Recipe: Fuel your active lifestyle with a delicious and nutritious recipe included in the pack. From refreshing smoothies to energy-packed snacks, discover tasty treats that will keep you going all summer long.

Mindful Activities: Take a break from the excitement of sports and indulge in some mindful activities designed to promote relaxation and well-being. From guided meditations to nature walks, explore ways to nurture your mind as well as your body.

Jokes and "Did You Knows": Sprinkled throughout the pack are jokes and "did you knows" guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and spark curiosity. Share these fun facts and puns with friends and family for even more laughs.

Don't let the summer slip by without taking advantage of the Trutex Activity Pack. Whether you're a teacher looking to keep your students engaged or a parent seeking fun ways to keep the kids active, this pack has something for everyone.

Contact us at [email protected] to request printed copies for your school or shop, or simply download and print your own A4 version. With the Trutex Activity Pack in hand, there's no excuse not to jump off the couch and embrace an active summer!

Let's make this summer one to remember, filled with fun, fitness, and plenty of excitement. Get ready to unleash your inner athlete and make the most of the sunny days ahead!

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