Trutex blouse still worn 30 years on! Now this is Made to Last!

We recently received a lovely letter describing how a family member is still wearing Trutex blouses which were bought over 30 years ago! Now that really shows our blouses are Made to Last


My daughter left school over 30 years ago and had no need for her school wear. My mother (pictured) throught the quality of the blouses were too good to just throw away so kept them to wear herself. 

Now, my mother has just entered a Nursing Home and due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all clothing needs to be washed at 60 degrees on entering the home. Unsure as to how some of her more delicate wear would stand up to this, I am afriad I thought 'these old blouses may stanf up to it and they have had years of use, so maybe their time has come'. Their time has indeed come. They look as good as new. My mother is now 96 and a half years old so I really think Trutex makes a genuine selling point in 'Made to Last'. Can this be beaten? 

Here's a picture of the lovely lady herself modelling her 30 year old Trutex blouse alongside some new blouses too.

We would love to hear your stories of uniform lasting decades! Send us any pictures or comments to [email protected]