The benefits of a technical P.E. kit

Sportswear has increased in popularity over time with many young people opting to choose what’s become known as ‘athleisure wear’ for their everyday outfits.

However, just because some children might have wardrobes packed with brands like Nike and Adidas, it doesn’t mean you should dismiss the idea of your school having a technical P.E. kit.

Here we share some of the key benefits it could bring to your school.

Improved sports performance

Having the right tools to complete the task at hand is vital in any scenario – the same goes for sport.

Making sure the fit is right, that the material is suitable and the length and weight of the garments won’t impede the wearer is key for improved performance.

Cotton t-shirts, fashion tracksuit bottoms and hoodies are not designed for high-intensity training but simply to look good and feel comfy to wear. A technical P.E. kit will help pupils work harder for longer periods of time, as well as speeding up recovery.

Inspire team pride

When we wear a uniform, we’re representing something bigger than ourselves. There’s a reason football fans spend millions per year on buying the latest shirt of the team they support – it gives them a sense of pride and belonging. Having a school-branded sports kit does the same.

Just like regular school uniforms, matching sportswear can also help promote and foster togetherness, unity, and team spirit. A smart kit will be worn like a badge of honour, and makes everyone equal.

Remember – what looks good feels good too. And when we feel good, we’re more confident in our abilities. In fact, studies have shown that feeling good about one’s appearance has a hugely positive psychological effect.

Latest fabric technologies

Sportswear design has come a long way in the last few years, with many new and improved fabrics hitting the market. In our own AKOA range, we use Endura-Dri, our exclusive advanced fabric, which has been specially designed to cope with the most challenging conditions.

The construction of the fabrics act to disperse moisture away from the skin i.e. ‘wick’ without the need for any additional chemical treatments that wear off after frequent washing.

Wicking polyester has a special cross-section and a large surface area, which picks up moisture and carries it away from the body, spreading it out, to evaporate easily on the outside of the fabric, so the wearer stays cool and dry.

Designed for the changing seasons

If there’s one thing you can’t rely on in the UK, it’s the weather. Sometimes it snows in May and other times the sun blazes in October. But don’t let rain, shine or whatever the season throws at you spoil your school’s sporting activities.

From breathable mesh panels to help keep active kids cool on warmer days to fitted to insulated jackets which make outdoor exercise in the winter a possibility, a technical sports kit allows you to flex your plans while making sure pupils stay at a comfortable temperature.

Sportswear by AKOA

AKOA is a sportswear brand created by Trutex. We provide unique performance sportswear that can be adapted for schools and sports clubs. Whether you buy off-the-shelf from stock, or design your bespoke kit with Kit Builder, you can match your team colours with the option of adding badges, logos and text for a truly unique look.