Don’t let Pancake Day ‘crêpe’ up on you

Flippin ‘eck - it’s that time of year again! That’s right, Pancake Day is back on Tuesday, 21st February, so you ‘batter’ not forget about it…

Puns aside, the great thing about pancakes is they’re cheap, easy to make, and super tasty. You don’t need a lot of equipment either – a bowl, whisk, frying pan and spatula will suffice. And with so many varieties and toppings to try out, the kids will love getting involved. 

Here are some of our favourite pancake recipes…

The traditional crêpe
There’s nothing like a traditional crêpe on Pancake Day. For a basic pancake batter, put 100g of plain flour in a bowl. Make a well in the centre and crack in two eggs. Slowly whisk in 300ml of semi-skimmed milk until you get a smooth batter.

Heat your frying pan on a medium heat, add a bit of butter or oil, and ladle in some of your batter. Swirl it round so it reaches the edge of your pan. Then leave for about 30 seconds and use a spatula to flip it over. Or if you’re feeling brave… toss the pancake in the air!

If the first pancake isn’t quite perfect, don’t let it go to waste. It should still be perfectly tasty, and the next one will hopefully be more aesthetically pleasing.

And of course make sure to add your favourite toppings: lemon and sugar, fresh fruit, jam, chocolate spread – whatever you fancy.


Best for dietary requirements
If you’re vegan or have a food intolerance, don’t worry – you can still enjoy pancakes in their full glory. Here are some easy swaps to enjoy:

If you’re a coeliac or have a gluten intolerance, just swap out regular plain flour in the recipe above for your favourite gluten-free version. Thankfully there are plenty of good gluten-free flours available these days.

Have a dairy intolerance? Alternative milks work just as well in pancake batter as regular milk. Oat, soy or almond – simply choose your preferred milk alternative.

And if you’re vegan, again just use your usual milk substitute. No egg replacement is required, meaning this also works well if you have an egg allergy. 

For traditional crêpe-style vegan pancakes, try this great recipe from Great British Chefs. If you want a thicker-style pancake, simply swap plain flour for self-raising and add in a little extra baking powder – like this easy vegan recipe from BBC Good Food.


Go Stateside
American-style pancakes have become more popular on this side of the Atlantic in recent years. Often served for breakfast with lashings of maple syrup, fruit or crispy bacon, they’re just as easy to make as regular crêpes. They’re also a popular choice for children, who can pick them up with their fingers and add all sorts of different toppings.


Head to the Far East
For something different this year, why not try some fluffy Japanese pancakes? They’re a bit trickier to make than regular pancakes, but they’re worth the extra work. 

Whip up egg whites with sugar to make a glossy thick meringue, then mix with a batter made with the yolks. They’re wibbly and wobbly, and children will have lots of fun making (and eating) them. Want to give it a go? Try this delicious recipe from Junior Bake Off.


Savoury enthusiasts
For those of you who don’t have a sweet tooth, you can get in on the pancake-making action too. Just use the traditional crêpe recipe and add in some cheese and ham, or cheese and tomato, when it’s still in the pan – letting it go all gooey before serving.

Whatever style you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a flippin’ good time making them.